Arborist Technical Helmet by Petzl®



  • Lightweight orange helmet with ventilation
  • Designed for professional arborists
  • Approved for working off the ground
  • UltraVision visor for improved visibility
  • Adjustable helmet system centers helmet on the head via patented wheel adjustments
  • 25 dB (A) NRR hearing protectors
  • Meets ANSI Z89.1-2009 Type 1 Class C
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Xtreme Duty Work Gloves

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Plexiglas visor with headband 25dB(A) NRR hearing protectors


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Technical “Hi Viz” Pants

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Technical Pants

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Head Protection for Side Impact – CSA Approved

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Technical Jacket

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Protective Powerkit™

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Husqvarna Backpacks


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Technical Forest Helmet


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Professional Headband Hearing Protectors (Padded)


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Replacement Parts for Technical Helmet

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Classic 3000 Chap (Homeowner)


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Pro Forest Helmet (6 pack)


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Homeowner Headband Hearing Protectors (10 Pack)


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Parts for Pro Forest & Arborist Technical Helmet

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Rubber Loggers Boots

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CSA Approved Hard Hat With Visor & Earmuffs

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Functional Work Glove

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Suspender – Orange

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Husqvarna Hygiene Set


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Technical Gloves

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Classic Work Glove

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Husqvarna Gear Bag


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Master Grip Gloves

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Disposable Earplugs

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Technical Work T-shirt

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Functional Winter Gloves

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Mesh visor with headband hearing protectors – 25dB(A) NRR


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Rubber Boot Liners

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Screen Style Protective glasses


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Pro Forest Helmet


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Gloves with Saw Protection

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Chap Accessories

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Technical Apron Wrap Chap

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