Carpenter’s Axe

  • Designed with a long straight cutting edge and thin blade to allow for stability and control when cutting.
  • Best suited for carpentry and other wood work.
  • Recess in the head so that the hand gets as close as possible to the cutting edge for maximum control.
  • Comes with a leather edge cover.
  • The head is attached to the handle using both a wooden and a steel wedge to secure fastening.
  • Length: 19 inch (48 cm)
  • Weight: 2.75 lbs. (1.247 kg)
  • Axe Head Weight: 2.2 lbs (1 kg)
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All Husqvarna Axes are hand forged with high quality, precision ground Swedish steel with premium hickory shafts. Each axe comes with grain-leather sheath for protection. Each axe shows the story of expert craftsmanship.

Splitting Axe S2800


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Curved Saw Blade – 300 CU


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Folding Straight Saw Blade – 200 FO


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Multi-Purpose Axe A1400


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Splitting Axe S1600


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Splitting Axe – Large

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Multi-Purpose Axe A2400


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Splitting Axe – Small

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Hatchet H900


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Traditional (Multipurpose) Axe

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Straight Saw Blade – 300 ST


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